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Alerts & Notifications

Life is unpredictable.

Alerting people to something that is happening in real-time is essential, but not always easy to do. Whether you are a local city office or an organization that needs to have a fast way to connect people to information, SMS messaging works the best.

School Closures. Technical problems. Storms. Natural disasters. The list of what could happen is long, but the goal here is to get people the information they need immediately, so they can take action immediately. That is why our platform is perfect for creating and sending SMS Notifications.

Why Use SMS For Alerts & Notifications?

It’s very easy to use, and the benefits are immediate. Here’s why so many organizations are making the switch.

  • Send SMS messages with one click to thousands of people.
  • Everyone gets the same message at the same time.
  • It works with all mobile phones and handsets.
  • SMS open rates are extremely high, and most users will open a message promptly.
  • It is fast, simple to use, and cost-effective.
  • SMS is reliable and fast, even in remote communities.
  • You can request confirmation that people have received the message.
  • There’s no need to employ people to email or call.

Using an SMS Alert System allows you to be in control. It can be integrated into your existing systems or be run as a stand alone product. You can create templates and pre-define those who will receive each message.

Why Make the Switch?


You need a way to quickly tell people about a problem, or solution. SMS Messaging Notification is fast, easy, reliable, and cost-effective. Automate communication with a large number of employees, customers, prospects, etc., quickly and effectively.

Instant SMS or text messaging has become the premium method of communication for critical messaging. With an SMS Alert System in place, your notification will be delivered immediately. Whether you are a small organization or a multinational company, a community organization, health care provider or a local school, an SMS Notification System has become an industry standard and are your best first line of communication in nearly any situation.

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