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How many characters can I send in an SMS message?

A standard SMS message has a maximum of 160 characters. You can send Longer messages, but be aware that exceeding 160 characters will deliver a ‘second’ message. The recipient will see this as 1 long message when received.

Do you allow non opt-in marketing lists?

No we do not. We are compliant with Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and CAN-SPAM regulations.

Do you support Emoji in SMS?

Yes we do! We support emojis for all SMS, but we recommend testing first because not all devices and carriers support emojis ☹️.

Emoji characters take up more character space than a normal character. As a result, once you use an Emoji character, your character limit is reduced to 70 characters instead of 160. This is a network limitation affecting all providers in all countries (not a Massivemessenger thing)

How fast can you send messages?

Generally, messages are delivered within 5 seconds. If you’re sending a large amount (over 100k), we put the messages in a queue and deliver them at a rate of up to 30,000 messages per minute.

Can I insert a URL or hyperlink into an SMS message?

If you use a valid URL in the message body, most devices automatically convert it to a tappable link.

How many recipients can I send an SMS message to at once?

Quick SMS
You can send up to 1,000 recipients or contact lists at once.

SMS Campaign
You can send to a single list with up to 20,000 recipients at once

How do I purchase a dedicated number?

You can purchase a dedicated number by logging into the dashboard and:

Click on ‘Numbers’
Click on ‘+ Add Number and then follow the instructions.

What are the MMS supported media formats and file size

Supported Media Formats: jpeg , gif (moving or static), png ,bmp

Images are automatically resized (except for gif images). We recommend to keep the aspect ratio of an image to be as close to 1:1 as possible i.e. 300 x 300 px.

How many characters can I send in a voice call?

For Text-to-speech calls, we charge based on the number of characters you send. As an example, if you send up to 300 characters, we only charge you for 1 message. If you send 301 characters, we’ll charge you for 2 messages, but it will send as a single voice call.

How to send a fax from your computer

To send a fax from your computer, visit our Massivemessenger dashboard and follow these simple steps to send a fax online:

Enter the fax number or select one from your contact lists
Select the number that you wish it to send the fax from
Upload your document or create your document
Select the quality (Regular or High)
Send now or send a scheduled message

How many pages can I send in a letter?

120 pages duplex (double sided)
60 pages simplex (single sided)
If there are more than 4 physical pages printed, we will automatically staple the pages and insert them into a C4 flat envelope.

How long does it take for letters to be delivered via the post?

We deliver to all countries globally and. Mail items are put into the normal mail system for each country.

Delivery Times

Regular Letters/Postcards: 2-6 business days
Priority Letters/Postcards: 1-4 business days

United Kingdom
Standard Letters: Second Class post. Royal Mail delivers your letters and packages in two or three working days, including Saturdays.

Priority Letters: First Class post. Royal Mail deliver your letters to its destination the next working day – including Saturdays.

Postcards: First Class post. Royal Mail delivers your letters to their destinations the next working day – including Saturdays.

Regular Letters/Postcards (First Class): 4-6 business days

Priority Letters/Postcards (Priority Mail): 1, 2 or 3 business days depending on recipient location.

All other countries
We deliver to all countries. Contact us to find out specific delivery times.

What timezone are messages scheduled in?

When scheduling messages, we use your computer’s local timezone. This also applies to our automation feature.

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