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Send & Receive Fax Online

Need to send or receive a fax? Our fax service allows you to both send and receive faxes online. There is no need for managing a fax machine in your office any longer. Our service is secure and can be used at any time and anywhere from virtually any device.


Create a Fax through our Platform or via Email

  • Online Faxing

    Any type of web-connected device can be used to send an online fax. Choose a single recipient or a list of them.

  • Email Faxing

    This service is perfect for those that want to send an email to fax. The process is no more difficult than just sending us an email.

Throw out those Dated Fax Machines!

No more restocking paper, costly fax machine repairs and missed messages. Our service is very easy and cost-effective and easy to use. Online faxing allows you to use a dedicated fax number to send and receive fax seamlessly through our dashboard.


Why Make the Switch?

  • Less waste, time and money.

    Our online face service will arrive on time every time – we guarantee it. There is no paper, no delays, no ink, nothing to worry about. Your message is always secure.

  • Greater Security

    Our cloud infrastructure is located in secured data centers; it has a design to satisfy our most sensitive customers’ requirements. We’ve built in privacy solutions and enhanced security.

  • Convert Your PDFs

    Need to send a PDF? Just attach it to your email and send it to us. We can also accept your online fax with the PDF attached. It’s all done automatically.

  • Fax one, Fax many!

    Send a fax to an unlimited amount of people. You can use our fax service to send a single fax or dozens at a time with just a click.

  • Free incoming faxes

    There’s no limit to the number of free incoming faxes you can receive. We also keep outbound prices highly competitive

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Got a Question for Us?

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