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Letters and Direct Mail

We make sending Mail as simple as sending Email.

The way you send mail just got a major upgrade. Using our cloud printer, you can send documents with ease, both quickly and securely with just a few clicks of your mouse. You can have letters printed and mailed anywhere in the world, and/or create business Postcards and Direct Mail through our platform and have them sent to your customers within minutes.


Send Direct Mail with Ease

There’s value in sending your clients direct, physical mail. And now it is easy to do, all you need is to use our cloud printer. Our cloud printer is 100% automated and allows you to create and send real physical Direct Mail quickly and securely within moments. It takes just a few clicks to have any type of letter, document, or other form professionally printed, and posted. From the second you send your letter or postcard, we enter it into an automated process for printing, enveloping (for letters), stamping and sending. The hardware and software are super efficient, which keeps your costs down and Quality high!

We Are Your Virtual Post Office

With our platform and cloud printer, the entire mailing process is automated for you. You can send any type of letters or postcards to any location around the world with ease. We eliminate the need for you to use traditional post again.

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