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Have you tried using text marketing for your mortgage business? Send Text, picture messages and much more with Massive Messenger. This can be fully integrated with your current marketing campaigns and can be triggered automatically to your borrowers, real estate agents, or prospective leads.

“I started using Massive Messenger recently and especially liked the easy text messaging platform and available automation. I had trouble keeping people in my database engaged via email and had trouble making time for phone calls and this gave me a way to send a quick text or campaign and have all their info in one place.”

– Jonathan R, Irvine CA

What can Massive Messenger Do?

  • 1

    Send Direct Messages To Any Device

    Texts have a 98% open rate compared to email which are opened roughly 23% of the time. Texting is an incredibly powerful tool for your mortgage business and one you should be taking advantage of.

  • 2

    Send Flyers & Receive Messages Directly

    Send an image (MMS) of your newest Mortgage Flyer directly to your prospective client’s phones. Respond from our online platform or via Email to Text direct from your email.

  • 3

    Don’t Repeat Yourself – Pre-record Voice Messages

    Stop making the same call over and over again by sending a pre-recorded voice message.

  • 4

    Include A Personal Touch

    People are nearly twice as likely to engage with your message if it includes their name or other personal info. With Massive Messenger, you can include your recipient’s name, and other information such as address to make your messages personal and effective

  • 5

    Rate alerts

    Send rate alerts to potential customers when the interest rate changes or advise them of an upcoming rate change.

  • 6

    Rate quote

    allow potential customers to request current interest rates using text message. Not only does this add value to your business, but this will help you build your opt-in text message marketing list.

  • 7

    Generate leads from Advertisements

    Measure the performance of your print, radio, or tv advertisement by including text messaging in the ads. This allows potential customers to request specific information on based on keywords and also adds their mobile number to your database.

  • 8

    Status updates:

    Keep your customer informed about their loan application, by sending a text message to inform the customer about a major milestone

  • 9

    Ask a question

    Ask your Customers or potential clients a question via text, or they can send a text message to you via text on our dashboard or via email.

  • 10

    Customer survey:

    Mortgage professionals can send a customer satisfaction survey to capture customer experience during the loan process and customers can simply answer a few questions using text messaging or a link to a survey.

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