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About Real Estate SMS Marketing

Real Estate first and foremost is the business of communicating: Whether you are an Agent, Investor, or Wholesaler, buying & selling requires amazing customer service and consistent communication. SMS offers a means to market to your target audience, or communicate and nurture your existing database and.or clients. Today, everything is time-sensitive and you can’t afford to wait for a buyer to check their emails, and risk losing out on a deal. Just as important, you can’t afford to spend excessive amounts of your time making phone calls either. Texting is fast, Immediate, has a high response rate, and is the most requested form of communication to date!

Multiple sources have confirmed that SMS marketing produces the following Results:

  • 98% open rate (5X higher than email!)
  • 45% response rate (7X higher than email!)
  • ⅓ of Americans  prefer texting to calling
  • 78% of consumers prefer to text with businesses

How Text Message Marketing Works for Real Estate

  • Real estate text message marketing includes short message service (SMS) and multimedia messaging service (MMS) Marketing:
    • SMS: Text-only message
    • MMS: Includes text-based content, with the option to include pictures or videos
  • Massive Messenger’s platform features a number of tools that can help your Real Estate Business:
  • Live Chat – Engage with your prospects or clients with personalized, one-on-one text conversations
  • Reminders – Save time by pre-scheduling reminders, such as notifying tenants when rent is due
  • Keywords - Attract new business using special words and calls-to-action
Real Estate

Intro to Keywords

Your first step is to create a keyword list. Keywords are short, customizable words that will make people want to text your company, which also grants you permission to text them in future!
The keywords you choose should be unique for your business, and consist of 2 to 15 letters or numbers, and easy for people to remember. For example, a simple real estate keyword for an agent trying to sell a new listing could simply be “HOME”. You would advertise this keyword anywhere you want your desired customers to see it (social media, landing pages, websites, signage, radio, TV, etc.) and provide an incentive to text (example: Text “HOME” to 515151 for an interactive video walk through). Interested parties would then text the word to a designated short code, and they would instantly receive a message with the additional information.

Real Estate Marketing Templates

Instead of wasting valuable time creating a new text message every time you send, Massive Messenger provides you with the ability to create auto-responders and create templates for Real Estate marketing, automating these tasks for you.

  • Templates: Create a template for anything from wishing your client a happy birthday, reminding a client of an appointment, or marketing a Wholesale Deal you just put under contract.
  • Auto-responders: Send information to buyers, sellers, and prospective customers. For example, once a user replies to your short code, an auto-responder can be used to thank them for signing up, as well as providing a list of properties to view or a link to a promotion. Eliminate the mundane work of responding to every inquiry and save time and money and turn customer service into a sales channel!
Real Estate

How can an SMS messaging service be beneficial in the real estate industry?

Real Estate
  • Communicate with buyers and sellers
  • Send updates
  • Stay in touch with everyone in your database
  • Confirm appointments
  • Send appointment reminders
  • Improve auction attendance rates
  • Reduce no-shows
  • Communicate with staff
  • Communicate last minute changes
  • Arrange repairs
  • Send address details
  • Send rent reminders
  • Keep tenants updated
  • Marketing via SMS
  • Save time and reduce costs
  • Boost sales
  • Improve efficiency
  • Increase customer satisfaction

Example of Text Marketing Campaigns


  • Don’t limit communication with potential buyers to just calling or emailing. Today’s generation prefers text! “Text EQUITY to 615151 to receive a list of undervalued properties!”

  • Simplify your appointment setting process by providing a link to your Calendar Schedule. Send reminders and request confirmations.

  • Not everyone wants to provide a cell phone number, so request to provide them the option to text their email address, while collecting their cell phone number at the same time, constituting opt-in.

  • Just listed a property? Just secured a contract with a seller? Need to market a property to prospective buyers? Send to one, or thousands at once, including Picture, Video, URL and short codes.
Real Estate

Text Messaging Laws for Real Estate Marketing

You can only text contacts if they have given you consent to do so, otherwise it is considered spam. To avoid this, include the following in your texts:

  • 1Include Clear opt-out instructions (such as “reply STOP to opt out”) on your marketing
  • 2Set an expectation of your texting consistency(such as ‘you will only receive up to 2 texts per week)
  • 3Have clear language on your sign up form stating you won’t send them irrelevant information, such as content not related to real estate.

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