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Retailers have a very difficult time connecting with consumers. Email promotional offers are often ignored, flyers and direct mail rarely work, and long gone are the days where cold calling is an effective method. SMS text messaging has quickly become the world’s quickest growing channel for communication, and using retail SMS marketing methods are an economical and easy to implement way for retailers of all kinds to communicate with their customer base, prospects, staff, suppliers and vendors.

Well written, personalized SMS text marketing ensures your message is seen and is one of the most affordable marketing methods to use. Since 90% of the time, text messages are opened within just minutes of being received, it’s easy to see why SMS marketing is a highly effective tool for communicating your message.

How Can Retailers Benefit from SMS Marketing?

  • Send content directly to your customer base
  • Reach large numbers of recipients simultaneously
  • Offer promotions, sales, and specials
  • Gather feedback
  • Allow consumers an “opt out” option
  • Send coupons and vouchers directly to consumers advertise and showcase special events
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Increase productivity
  • Arrange and manage staff rosters
  • Fill vacant roster slots quickly
  • Send shift reminders to staff
  • Manage stock ordering
  • Manage deliveries
  • Confirm online orders
  • Automate business processes to generate reports, create schedules, etc

The key to performing well in the retail industry is always having an opportunity to engage with consumers. With the high response rates and the streamlined efficiency of SMS text marketing, it provides you with a very easy and cost-effective way to communicate. Contact Massivemessenger today to allow us to help you integrate SMS marketing into your retail business initiative.

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