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Send and receive SMS & MMS Messages Worldwide

We Simplified business messaging. Send thousands of SMS or MMS messages anywhere in the world with Massive Messenger SMS/MMS service. There are no software downloads required; just sign up and start sending from our dashboard within minutes.

SMS Messaging

SMS stands for Short Message Service. An online SMS Gateway allows you to send text messages to any mobile device. Our platform also allows you to easily receive, manage, and reply to SMS messages through our messaging center.Our online SMS software makes sending bulk SMS messages simple and reliable, through a communication medium they prefer – Text Messaging! We guarantee delivery, or you don’t pay for the message.

Send SMS Messages in Bulk with Massive Messenger

Bulk SMS marketing is the best way of communicating with a large number of customers directly to their mobile device. With our bulk SMS service, you are able to contact thousands of customer around the world in seconds. SMS is not only the preferred method of communication for most of today’s audience, but is a tried and tested method of communicating with customers, and the process is simple; upload your contact list and enter your message, send immediately or schedule for a later time or date we’ll make sure your message is delivered.

Uses for SMS Messaging:

  • Marketing Messages
  • Promotions & Discounts
  • Customer Loyalty Programs
  • Alerts & Notifications
  • Billing & Collections
  • Automated Reminders
  • Ordering & Delivery
  • People Management
  • And More!

MMS Messaging

MMS stands for Multimedia Messaging Service. MMS is used to send multimedia content, Including video, images, and Audio. You can also send unlimited text characters via MMS as opposed to SMS, which is text only and restricted to 160 characters. Send multimedia content to your customers with ease, whether you are sending one off messages, or in bulk, our platform was created with simplicity in mind. MMS messages are a visual alternative to sending SMS messages, allowing you to be more creative with your campaigns. MMS allows users to send images, videos and GIFs to your customers or prospects. Through our dashboard, you can send mass MMS messages to your audience in second; Send thousands of images, videos, coupons or audio files to your database with just a few clicks, with a 98% open rate!

Uses for MMS Messaging:

  • Animated messages
  • Competitions & Polls
  • Coupons & promotions
  • Instructional videos
  • Special announcements
  • Videos with sound
  • And More!

Target a wide range of customers through the most effective method in today’s modern world, with a 98% open rate using SMS & MMS messaging on Massive Messenger’s cloud based platform. We guarantee your customers will receive your transactional or mass marketing campaign, making communication with your target audience simple and cost-effective. Contact us or sign up for free to start using our product today!

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